Using a Travel Advisor

Traveling is a unique purchase. Why not turn it into a product AND service experience? By using me as your travel agent you add a human element to the process and get the attention you deserve. I value personal relationships and look forward to building ours for years to come.

The amount of travel sites on the internet today is overwhelming, the industry is always changing, and trips are more complicated than ever. As your travel agent I am not only educated and up to speed in these areas, I am out in the world experiencing them. I know what companies are trusted and reputable, what areas are safe enough to walk through, and I have built relationships to assure you extra special treatment whenever possible.

Why you should never travel without me on your side:

  • I will save you time and stress.
  • I will give you peace of mind.
  • I have more knowledge than you and knowledge is power.
  • I will provide a critical eye.
  • I will be your personal shopper.
  • I will take your trip from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • I have experience traveling the world; hotels, restaurants, relationships and connections, tour companies, etc.
  • I will expand your horizon.
  • I do not receive payment from my clients. No hidden fees with me.
  • I offer insurance.
  • I will save you money and/or add value.
  • I have your back when the unexpected happens.

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